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Our Approach to Chiropractic

Chiropractors are experts at caring for your spine.


We now know that the spine can cause pain, dysfunction and disability in many different parts of your body - not just your back and neck. Importantly, your spinal cord sits in your spine and connects your brain to the rest of your body to make it work. So your spine and nervous system are closely connected, and spinal problems can cause nervous system problems, which can cause all sorts of problems!

This is why your spine can have such a big impact on your health and wellbeing.

At Croydon Chiropractic Centre, we take a holistic, neuro-musculo-skeletal, approach to assessing and caring for your spine. This means that we use the best available scientific evidence to figure out why your body is acting the way it is - whether it is pain, balance disorders, functional limitations or other symptoms that are troubling you. We understand that you are an individual, and that there are many factors that can cause, exacerbate or perpetuate your condition, and we aim to address all of these issues, so that we can help you to live your most optimal life, and keep doing the things that you love to do.

We utilise a variety of chiropractic techniques and modalities including manual adjustments (spinal manipulations), and also gentler alternatives to cater to your condition and preferences. We use state of the art equipment, which help us to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your condition in a timely manner.

We also love what we do and wholeheartedly believe in caring for our community to allow families to experience the benefits of chiropractic.

We hope that by providing you the best service we can provide, you will feel, move and function better and you will pass on your recommendation to your family and friends so that we can care for them too!

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